Red Butterfly

A Tragedy

A man must find his way after making a grave mistake; Tonio's loyalty to his long-time friend turned gangster, TC, leads to a series of events with deadly consequences. Tonio must save his lover, Cleo, from herself.

Star-crossed lovers Tonio (Son of God's Diogo Morgado ) and Cleo (Chicago Fire's Christine Evangelista ) are trapped in a hellish nightmare after a young woman's death from a drug overdose catalyzes a chain reaction of unfortunate events. When Carrie (Byrdie Bellis found comatose at the bar owned by Tonio's best friend, TC (Tony Award Winner Wilson Jermaine Heredia ), the two men attempt to cover up the incident. 

Things quickly go from bad to worse, when both a police detective (Hollywood Vet Laurence Mason ) and a ruthless crime figure (James A. Stephens) become part of the mix.  As pressure mounts and nerves fray, Tonio, Cleo and TC spiral towards a dark and unavoidable conclusion. Red Butterfly marks the feature film debut of retired five-year NFL veteran linebacker and Director, Jon Alston.

Starring: Diogo MorgadoChristine EvangelistaWilson J. HerediaLaurence MasonByrdie Bell

Written & Directed By: Jon Alston

Produced by: Gerren Crochet  Jon Alston

Cinematography by: Sergei Franklin

Composer: Joseph David Johnson

Additional Music By: Eric Francis Olson  JMiles & Mitchell Covington

Edited By: Robert Brett Thomas  Olena Kuhtaryeva

Co - Executive Producers: Jeremy Evans  Gavin Rosenberg